2nd NewsLetter

Οur second News-Letter is ready and has already been sent. You can download it here.

LTTA Meeting

The LTTA meeting between the partners of the European project RecyclART took place in Mantua, Italy on 28 of  February until 4 of  March. The meeting was blended (face to face and On-Line), Greek partners from Oikipa and Diek, Romania partners from AESD and Poland partners from FRAME participate the meeting face to face and partners… Read More »LTTA Meeting

Reinventing oneself multiplies creativity and job finding opportunity.

Unemployment is always a great matter of personal stability and social integration. Having a job, a career, if possible, is important not only in earning as living but, deeper in playing a social role, being a part of the social, economic and cultural canvas. We usually access the problem of unemployment from the point of view… Read More »Reinventing oneself multiplies creativity and job finding opportunity.

1st Newsletter

Οur first News-Letter is ready and will be sent to all target groups, who are interested in this project. You can download it here. 

RecyclArt Flyer

Take a look at  our Flyer, you can Dowload it here.