RecyclArt is an Erasmus+ project in Adult Education section. Participating 6 Organizations from Greece, Italy, Poland, Romania and Albania.

In Europe, we currently use 16 tonnes of material (person/year), of which 6 become waste and only a limited part (36%) is recycled.

On the other side, in a socio-economic period as delicate as the one we are experiencing (pandemic coivd19), self-esteem and the ability to reinvent yourself and find alternative solutions to problems is crucial, both for the personal sphere and for the working sphere. In this context, RecyclART project, and the 5 countries partnership, aims to develop a transnational programme for firstly developing and secondly exploiting ADULTS creativity for: – payback the environment and find new and alternative ways to transform waste in art pieces – upskilling long term unemployed adults by stimulating their self esteem and problem solving abilities through art

For these reasons, the project focuses on the following priorities: –

  • Skills development and inclusion through creativity and arts
  • Environmental and climate goals
  • Supporting the setting up of and access to upskilling pathways

This project deals with two dimensions of creative recycling

Occasional creative recycling

Occasional activity of recycling and reusing with no project behind

Projectual creative recycling

Projectual creative recycling: systematic activity of recycling and reusing

Target groups

In this project, 2 target groups will be involved:

Long-term unemployed ADULTS

interested in creative activities and in connecting recycling with design

Adult educators

using creative methodologies and artists working or having worked with recycling and realisation of new objects using waste and interested in mentoring adult learners

Project activities and impact

The activities of the project include: 

  • Deeper analysis of pre existing techniques of occasional creative recycling at EU level (IO1)
  • Learning materials and practical handbook (IO2) for projectual creative recycling and a blended LTTA (C1)
  • Exchange platform (IO3) for materials and mentoring experiences
  • 5 Multiplier Events (Greece, Italy, Albania, Poland, Romania)

By the end of the project, RecyclART will produce the following impact: + Nr of report IO1 download≥ 200 + Nr of download of practical handbook IO2≥ 300 + Nr of users of the platform (IO3) ≥ 200 + Nr of stakeholders listed on the contact database ≥ 200 + Nr. of long term unemployed adults directly involved in LTTA ≥10 + Nr. of adults trainers and/or artist of recycling directly involved in LTTA≥5 + general personal satisfaction in having acquired new skills and self-esteem + feeling of having more opportunities in the world of work + positive feelings given by art applied to recycling + beneficial effects on the environment

The partnership consortium will grant open access for all materials produced within the framework of the project so NO LIMITATION will be adopted: everything produced within RecyclART project will be freely usable and downloadable even after the completion of the project, thus ensuring the maximum diffusion and exploitation of results.