LTTA Meeting

The LTTA meeting between the partners of the European project RecyclART took place in Mantua, Italy on 28 of  February until 4 of  March. The meeting was blended (face to face and On-Line), Greek partners from Oikipa and Diek, Romania partners from AESD and Poland partners from FRAME participate the meeting face to face and partners from Albania INSET participate On-Line. The Meeting was hosted by the Italian partners from Promimpresa.

The purpose of the meeting was Learning/Teaching/Training Activities from Promimpresa  and carried out  indoor and outdoor activities.

1st Day
We talked about what it means to have a career. How to reconnect with our values, interests, and beliefs and how they can serve us in our career reinvention journey. We also had our first artistic, recycling activity reminding us how capable we are, doing things with our own hands.
Sometimes all we need is someone to show us that we already have everything we need! And it’s enough to look around to find the proper the materials or to look inside and find self-esteem in the things we already are.
Special thanks to Cattafesta Rachele from Fior di idee in Barattolo for the amazing recycling experience!


2nd   Day
We covered the topics of needs, responsibilities, and constraints in the context of career orientations. Each of these topics is just as important, as people may not be willing to discuss. This is why it’s important to always finish on a high note!  Just like we did – discussing how to find solutions where we least expect it. But the highlight of today’s training is yet to come, at 17:00 when we will have our recycling activity!

2nd   Day Evening

We implemented the process in a “recycling cooking” activity with Cucina con Eli di Elisabetta Arcari . Starting from the simple (but basic) NEED to cook a dinner for 15 people, we began our culinary PROJECT, designing a simple but gourmet recipe but above all researching WASTE foods present in the kitchen, that hosted our learning activity.
We prepared three delicious dishes:
– bread gnocchi with mozzarella and tomato
– Vegetable meatballs
– bread, pear and chocolate cake

3rd Day of the LTTA RecyclART!
The focus was on PROJECT and RECOVERY ORGANIC WASTE! The projectual creative recycling activity took place outdoors on the lakes of Mantua. It was possible to collect waste material such as cut flowers, dried branches, stones, and the famous mantuan “Trigolo”. Thanks to the material found, everyone followed their own project to create a “message in a jar” In the afternoon, participants reflected on the importance of following a project and finding waste material according to it.

4th Day
The most difficult projectual creative recycling activity was successfully completed by all participants! The idea of creating and following a project became more and more important during these days. And so has the need to create, plan and follow a project for oneself, for one’s career in order to facilitate the re-entry of long-term unemployed adults into the labor market!


5th Day
The experience was fantastic and fruitful! Participants learned so much about recycling and reusing to create new objects from the new perspective of Projectual Creative Recycling.
At the same time, they learned how to re-orientate the careers of long-term unemployed adults, the main target group of the project.
Thanks to Promimpresa • Mantova who hosted the activities and to all the partners for joining the LTTA!